• Who runs this site?

    Just some rando who started it as a hobby back in the “Hot or Not?” days. I run the site in my free time with a free theme and free plugins.

  • Is this site completely free?

    Yes, we don’t charge anything, or even force you to sign up for free to submit pics and leave comments. The site is free and anonymous. There are a few optional ads on the site to help pay server costs. I think that’s fair.

  • Can I submit any pictures I want?

    No. Only amateur images of female breasts you have taken or are in are accepted. When submitting, you must have the rights to the picture, have the consent of everyone in the picture, and everything in the picture must be legal. Images grabbed from tumblr, pornhub, member sites, etc. are not yours and are not accepted.

  • Can I submit any movies I want?

    No. Movies can be dozens to hundreds of times larger than a standard picture, and bandwidth costs can get expensive. We would rather keep the site small and free than start charging visitors or using excessive ads to pay those huge bandwidth bills.

  • How many pictures can I submit a day?

    No set limit, but if they are very similar only the best ones will be selected. If they are all different they will be approved over time instead of all at once.

  • Can I remove my submissions?

    Yes. At any time you can click on the request removal link below your picture. If you want to remove all submissions, you only need to mention that once instead of clicking on each picture’s removal link.

  • Why did my submission get declined?

    Pictures are usually declined when they don’t read/follow the rules on the submit page. We don’t send rejection emails, but the most common reasons are:

    1. Poor title – we ask for 3-5+ word description for your submission with keywords so people can search and find your picture, both on this site and in search engines. Nobody searches for “hello”, “me”, or “What do you think?” so those are usually just declined. If I have time and everything else is good, I might edit the description so it can be approved.
    2. Poor quality – If it’s blurry or I can see individual pixels, jags, or black bars, those are usually declined. This includes movie frames.
    3. Duplicate picture – Already submitted in the past by you (or someone else). Note: You can put your submit email in the search bar to find your approved submissions.
    4. Not authorized – The pic you submitted is copyrighted and not yours.
    5. Screenshots – This means you captured it from some 3rd party site, you don’t have the original and therefore it is likely not yours.
    6. Banned – Continually broke enough rules to no longer consider any more of your submissions. For instance, submitting copyrighted pics of pornstars and claiming they’re all your wife.
  • Why did my submission get removed?

    Most likely someone made a claim against it, or you broke enough rules to get banned.

  • Is there any way I can guarantee my submission is approved?

    Making a fan sign for the site virtually guarantees approval. It typically bypasses almost all reasons to decline. It also protects all your submissions from fake takedown requests.

  • Can I comment with my real email and phone number?

    What, are you CRAZY?? Scammers and potential future employers can datamine from any website. Always use a throwaway email on adult sites. Any phone number or work related email in a comment will not be approved because of bad actors.

  • Why didn’t my comment get approved?

    We don’t approve comments with violence, racism, incest, CP, or anything like that, but where do you draw the line? Basically, if the comment is aimed to get women to stop submitting or the like it will not be approved. Also, if the comment is to attack someone else’s comment and start a flame war it will be denied. Who needs that drama? It drives people away. Same for politics. We also don’t approve comments that aren’t actually commenting, like spamming affiliate sites or spamming your email.

  • What happened to older submissions?

    At the end of May 2024 the database imploded and the backups were shot. I dropped that host but had to rebuild somewhere else. I do have most of the content but not the metadata. I’ll try re-submitting these over time, but it won’t be a sudden dump. So be aware if you see ‘old pics’ submitted again.